What you get

Each scheme will be assigned a dedicated team of professionals which consists of a residential portfolio manager, assisted by a personal assistant, an accountant, a credit control clerk and a maintenance manager.

Financial Management

Budget Preparation

We analyse the historical financials and compile budgets for the administrative and reserve funds.

Operate bank accounts

We operate bank accounts in the name of the scheme to collect levies and pay suppliers.

Levy Collection

We compile and send out levy statements each month to the members of the scheme.

Credit Control

We do a monthly check on arrear accounts and send friendly reminders and final demands.

Financial Bookkeeping

We capture bank statements, cash payments and journal all debits and credits on a monthly basis.

Monthly Reporting

We draw up monthly financials including a trial balance, debtors report and bank statements.

Statuatory Returns

We submit your tax returns where applicable and inform the Trustees for payment.

Annual Audit

We submit a full set of accounts to the auditors for the annual audit.

Administration Services

Scheme Rules

We assist the Trustees to compile or amend the scheme rules where necessary.

Rules Enforcement

We send out notices to enforce the rules and follow up or implement penalty fines where necessary.

Conflict Resolution

We assist the Trustees or members to resolve challenges or disagreements as best we can.

Utility Meter Reading

We can read utility meters for water, gas and electricity and calculate costs for billing each month.


We can compile newsletters on behalf of the Trustees to spread important information and to stay in communication with members.


We deal with all the questions, queries, complaints and suggestions on behalf of the Trustees.

Security & Access Control

Security Profiles

We implement and establish a full record of security registrations for all residents in a scheme.

CCTV Viewing

We can assist the Trustees to view CCTV footage for incident reporting.

Intercom Management

We can manage the intercom system for the residents on behalf of the Trustees.

Access Control

We only issue access to persons who have successfully been registered and verified with our records.

Scheme Maintenance

Building Inspections

We do periodic building inspections by either the portfolio manager or maintenance manager.

Repair and Replacement Plan

We draft a 10 year repair and replacement plan in accordance with the Act for proposal to the members annually.

Liaising with Contractors

We will obtain quotes and liaise with contractors regarding works and negotiate pricing.


We will provide our expertise to the Trustees and guide them on any special projects.

Human Resources

Staff Management

We will keep a leave and attendance register for scheme employees.

Salaries and Payroll

We can pay wages and salaries and issue payslips for employees, together with the submissions of EMP201's.

Annual IRP5's

We can issue scheme employees with annual IRP5's.

Hiring & Retrenchments

We can assist the Trustees to advertise for jobs, draw up employment contractsconduct independent hearings and represent them at the CCMA.

Insurance Services

Handling of Claims

We act as the first port of call when there are insurance claims from the members of the scheme.

Liaising with Broker

We assist the broker to verify the insurance claims and report back on any irregularities.

Disembursements of Settlements

We handle the collection of and repayment of the insurance settlements due to the members.

Claims History

We request and peruse the annual claims history and report back on any irregularities.

Renewals and Quotations

We obtain quotations and renewal policies from the broker and advise the Trustees on the best options.

Independent Valuations

We obtain quotes for and ensure that the compulsory 3 year independent valuations are done for each scheme.

Secretarial Services

Organising Meetings

We draft and send out notices and agendas for all meetings, arranging of venues and condiments.

Chairing Meetings

We attend and chair meetings on behalf of or in combination with the Trustees of the scheme.

Meeting Minutes

We attend or record meetings to compile and send out minutes of all meetings.

Drafting Resolutions

We draft and record the necessary resolutions for decisions taken at meetings.

Nominees and Proxies

We collect and record all the nominations and proxies for meetings.

Assist Trustees

We assist the Trustees where we can with their duties and responsibilities.

Online Management System

Management Information

Our online system provides all the necessary legislative documents, scheme rules and other documents available.

Task Scheduling

Our task management system keeps track of and sends out notices and reminders for all tasks related to management.

Online Articles

We publish online articles to assist homeowners and residents with the latest news and information.


We maintain a list of frequently asked questions for the scheme as a knowledge base for the members and residents.

Incident Reporting

We keep track of rule transgressors to ensure that compliance is maintained, reporting to the Trustees.